Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dinosaur World

Rachel has been studying fossils in school (and she also made a perfect score on her math TAKS, holla!) so we decided to take a day trip to Glen Rose to see Dinosaur World. Did I mention she made a perfect score on her math TAKS? I'm just sayin'.

Here's Graham and Randy inside a dinosaur's mouth.

Here's Rachel running away from a dinosaur. I cannot remember any of the names of the different ones. It looks like a T-Rex, but really it's some sort of somethingasaurus.

This actually is a T-Rex. It's a little disconcerting, isn't it?

Those longnecks don't look a bit afraid. Big huh?

Here's Graham running.
After we walked the whole path and saw all the dinosaurs and sang the theme song to Jurassic Park until our kids ran away screaming, they got to dig for real fossils. Strategically hidden, of course.

After we finished seeing Dinosaur World, we went to the river nearby where you can see the real dinosaur footprints. It's actually really cool and there are a lot of footprints to see.

This is me realizing that it was a stupid idea to climb rocks with flip-flops on. Thanks for capturing that moment, Randy. Really.

Always a good sign that we had a good day.

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