Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pictures from Paris- Day 1

Actually, I slept the first day in Paris. We landed early in the morning, so we went to our hotel and I climbed in bed and crashed as Randy went off to work. The first "real" day in Paris I got up and walked down the street from our hotel to a "mall"...I use that term loosely. I realized I couldn't stay in the hotel room all day waiting for Randy to be done with work, so I yelled "Banzai!" (okay, I yelled it in my head) and took off for downtown on the metro. There are some really fun stories about me learning to use the subway. When I got to my stop, I walked out of the metro station and this is what I saw, The Arc de Triomphe. It took my breath away!

I took Randy back that night to see it and this was our view from the top of it. It is very high up and all stairs. We were sore for several days.

These were the stairs to the top. Seriously. And no water fountain, either. Apparantly they're really ticky about eating and drinking in their hundreds-of-years-old buildings.

This is us in front of the Arc. I can't believe how much we walked the whole time we were there. No wonder the French are so skinny.

We ate at this really amazing restaurant that night called DeVez. The food there was worth the trip alone. Their restaurants don't open, though, until 7pm or 7:30, so there were a couple of nights we were wondering around at 6pm waiting to find some food!

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