Friday, November 13, 2009

Pictures from Paris- Day 2

On Friday, I decided to stay in and give my feet a rest. Thursday had been a huge ordeal with me getting out and exploring Paris by myself. When I got off the metro to get back to my hotel I had gotten lost and it was pouring down rain and I was determined not to have to get a taxi. There's a fun story about an old woman and a bar and several French men arguing in French about where my hotel was and trying to give me directions. My feet were very sore and blistered so I didn't punish them for a while. After Randy got off work, we went back downtown and saw the outside of Notre Dame. This is the restaurant across the street from it. The fun surprise each time I ordered was finding out how my food would come out. Here I had ordered fish and potatoes. It came out in a big shepherd's pie like configuration. It was actually very good and tasted like a crab cake.

Here is Notre Dame. The windows were just amazing. I toured it by myself the following Monday.

This is the Pompidour Centre. Randy had remembered this famous building and once I saw it I remembered seeing it in an art book in college. It's pretty neat.

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Aimee said...

Looks like you had an amazing trip!! How fun!!! So glad you got to go. Dr. Hallaby would be proud of all of your art sight seeing. "You cheat in my class, I promise I flunk you." That's all I remember about him. ha!! Love the pics.