Monday, November 16, 2009

Pictures from Paris- More from the Louvre

Some friends wanted to see more pictures, so here ya go! I really don't know much about these pieces since everything was in French and we didn't do the audio tour this day.

The Mona Lisa. We didn't get too close. We came. We saw. We can die now saying we saw it.

This guy's from Easter Island. Ever see Night at the Museum? He talks in that movie. I'm sure it's not this particular one, though. And, yes, I knew it was from Easter Island before I watched a Ben Stiller movie.

There was a whole room dedicated to Christian art. This is Jesus on a donkey.

Some of the walls from when the Louvre was a fortress.

From ancient Babylon. I think there are three more somewhere. It's floor to ceiling. Randy was crying like a girl at this point since we were being "shooed" out because it was closing time. He missed all the ancient stuff. We spent too much time in Renassaince art. He'll be back, though.

This is looking up at the pyramid at night.

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