Monday, November 16, 2009

Versailles Part 2

This is one of the paths around the gardens. There are groves and groves of trees and orchards. It goes on forever! I would love to go back and see it when it's all in bloom.

This is on the road to Marie Antoinette's chateau. Jen Sebby, I kept thinking how much you'd love it here!

Marie's little garden in her house.

Hallway into Marie's house.

I think this was one of her children's rooms. I can't remember.


This was behind Marie's house. She had some pretty amazing gardens. This is a gazeebo with some statue of a goddess.

She had all these fun little walkways. We didn't get to explore all of them, which I really hope to get to go back and do someday with Rachel. Our feet were killing us at this point.

Just another building where she would have musicians come and play.

Okay, so you'd be walking down these groves of trees and then out of nowhere would be these huge elaborate fountains. It was a little creepy without water, but I'm sure it's beautiful in the spring and summer when everything is in bloom and the weather is nicer.

Marie would open up the doors to that building in the back and have musicians play. There's a pond right there and you have to wind around through some rock arches to get over there. The paths go on forever and there were so many trees that I had never seen before. Just breathtaking.

At the end of our Versailles trip we got back on the train to Paris to find a restaurant that our good friends the Sebby's recommended. I think a friend of a friend owns it. We found it! But it's closed on Sundays.

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Jennifer said...

Oh gosh...sooooo beautiful!! I would love to go there, and that one picture of the walkway with the tall trees lining it!!