Thursday, April 22, 2010

In Which I Am Humbled

As a parent, I often wonder if I'm doing it right. You know, when there's an issue with your child's morality or ethics or reasoning? And usually it's not one of those cut and dry cases, such as "don't fight", "don't steal", or "don't create policy that alienates half the country" know...the obvious stuff.

We happen to have a debater in our house. And it wouldn't be such a bad thing if he wasn't so good at it. We punish, he comes back with a well thought out speech that, more times than not, we find ourselves saying "you make a good point". But we stick to punishments and stay on guard for the smooth-talk and honey-ed words that only our 11-yr-old can conjure up. He's good. He's very good.

So we have to stay sharp. We have to stay in the Word. A good friend once told me when my kids were just babies that "you are the governor of their souls". Yipes. Parenting is like walking down a dark path while holding up a lantern to show them the way. I really hope we're going the right way. Good thing we've got Google Maps on our smartphone. (Google Maps= get the analogy...)

So the other day I walked into my child's room who's mission in life is to be a hostage negotiator. (He doesn't' know it yet, but that's what he's going to be.) There, written on his whiteboard next to his desk, was this:

"Have I spent time with the Lord today? Have I been a servant today?"

I was humbled. I wondered why he keeps asking if he could get us anything. I just thought it was because he wanted more computer time. He was just trying to be a servant.

Parenting is hard work. You have to stay on top of things 24/7. But I know that despite my best efforts they're going to stumble. They're going to make bad decisions.

But God takes these little moments in my life to say, "I got this. You're doin' okay, but I've got my hand on him so chill out."


Aimee said...

Carrie, This is precious!! You have two GREAT kids that they Lord has blessed you with. I hope mine turn out half as good. Love you cuz!!

Jill said...

I pray for moments like this!