Monday, December 14, 2009

For Your Listening Enjoyment

This year at The Heights I was able to direct a dinner theatre for all of our ABF's (Adult Bible Fellowship, or Sunday will always be Sunday School and Big Church for me). We performed the show "A Christmas Tale" and it was a bit of a family affair. Randy played the Narrator and Graham was known as "Dictionary Boy". It was the story of Christmas told in "troupe" style, thus the costumes. I'm posting one of my favorite songs from the show. My recording does not do the singers or the band justice, but hopefully you can get a good idea of just what a great talent we have at our church.

From right to left is Trent Blackley our music minister who got mad skills, Wendy Harju behind him who I could work with anyday...she makes it easy, Angela Irby our fearless children's choir director and vocal wizard, Loyce Pickett on the platform behind her and one of my new favorite people, Kami Loyd kneeling on the floor our resident cutie, Georgie Jinks on the stool and costume queen (who should be running a Broadway theatre), Randy is standing next to her and delivered an amazing performance...I miss hearing you sing, Graham my baby is sitting on the platform and just wowed everyone, and then Patrick Williams prophet extraordinaire and one of the hardest workers sitting next to Graham. Thanks, guys. I had a blast.